A Gift of distinction  that represents the premium value you place on your team and clients.

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International award winning Pudding Lane handmade puddings make the ideal Corporate Gift for clients, as team rewards or simply a Luxurious recognition and thanks at Christmas.

  • We take the time to explain and discuss gift ideas with you, listening specifically to your company’s individual needs.
  • Why not offer a variety of puddings? you may prefer to vary the selection and recipes of puddings to satisfy different Gift ideas or reward levels, from 500gm to 3kg sizes.
  • We can also “decorate” the puddings, printing your Company logo on the Pudding Cloth bags (in colour) with a minimum quantity of just 40 puddings, same weight & shape.
  • Orders are received, including logos and processed with the efficiency of email.
  • Dispatched to your location and delivery free to mainland Australia.
  • All Puddings ordered for Corporate Gifts are at Whole$ale prices.
Contact us for a Wholesale Price List and for us to take the time to listen to you.
1. A once only charge applies to setup new customer films of $40.00.

2. Two Colour Screen Printing is included in the Wholesale Pricing.

3. Delivery to 1 location within Mainland Australia is Free.

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F u n d r a i s i n g   I d e a s  !

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Looking for a better quality Fund-raising idea ?

Something easy to co-ordinate, account for, manage and more nutritious?

The sale of  Pudding Lane puddings through your School, Community Group, Social or Rotary Club is an ideal, effective  and fun way of raising funds in the months leading up to Christmas.

We take the time to explain and discuss Fundraising initiatives with you, including the timing and theme of the event, listening to your individual needs.

The selection of puddings is important, to focus the fundraising results, you may prefer to vary the selection of puddings available, from 500gm to 3kg sizes.

We “decorate” the puddings to your specific requirements, printing your School Crest, Club or team’s logo (in colour) with a minimum quantity just 40 puddings same weight & shape.

Despatch to your location, delivery free to mainland Australia and to assist you the Puddings arrive prior to the event.

All Puddings sold to assist in Fundraising activities are available at Wholesale prices.

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We are the No.1 Christmas Fundraising pudding…